Polaroid Sun 660

I’m a sucker when it comes to picking up old camera gear, when this Sun 660 turned up I just couldn’t refuse especially as it only set me back £4, the film however comes in at a whopping £17 for 8 shots!  Not a camera that I’m going to use every day but there is something magical about them, something that should be on every photographers bucket list.



Long Exposure Testing

Back to Long Exposure testing with my trusty Gnome Pixie Box camera.
Used a lighter grade welding glass this time (grade 3) as the exposures before were way too long, 30 mins in bright summer sun! With the G3 Glass and using Fomapan 100 film the shot was taken with around 15 mins of exposure and it was a gloomy day in the woods. The negative came out really light so it could have done with another 5-10 minutes really but nonetheless with a bit of Post Production the image popped right out. We are getting somewhere now, with a nice bright day I could probably get this down to 5 minutes or so.


The Camera


The Location


Through the View finder


The Finished Shot


A lot of faffing around but hopefully you’ll agree that it was worth it!

Camera: Gnome Pixie
Film: Fomapan 100 120
Development: Tetenal Paranol S