Boats, Boats and more Boats

Just finished off my second roll of Kodak  Tri-X, not impressed with my first I decided to try a different developer.  Using Tetenals Paranol S with the fist roll resulted in very grainy images so I decided upon Kodaks HC-110, staying clear of their D96 powdered developer as I didn’t want the faff of mixing and storing it.  HC-110 is easy to use and lasts for ages, just decant a small amount of the syrup into an old 35mm film canister and store away the rest to use at a later date.

It’s a great bulletproof film that every film photographer has to try, nice grain and can be pushed (as I’m lead to believe) to produce really contrasty images.

Anyway, enough ramblings, here are some photos of some boats.








All Taken With an Olympus OM10 using Kodak Tri-X 400 35mm film and Kodak HC-110 mixed from stock 9ml-291ml for 3.45mins