The Forgotten (7/52)

Myself and fellow photographer, Mark Curnow, are embarking on a 52 week photo challenge.
Each week we are given a topic in which to explore, this week’s theme is:

The Forgotten – Tell a story of something forgotten.

The breakfast was forgotten in the morning rush of getting myself ready for work along with getting my two children ready for school!


Candy (6/52)

Myself and fellow photographer @markcurnow are embarking on a 52 week photo challenge. Each week a different theme is set and we have to post our results by the following Sunday.

This week’s theme is: Candy
A throwback to one of the favorite weeks of the original challenge. Your artistic inspiration this week is candy. Since this is the advanced challenge you can’t actually use candy in the scene.

I struggled early on this week, in the end I just opened my eyes to what was around me and I spotted this little scene


Part of me feels hellish guilty for opening a box of Polaroid Viva film knowing full well that they don’t make this stuff anymore, but another part of me feels like film is for shooting!

It feels like owning a bottle of fine aged wine and never drinking it or buying a rare sports car and never driving the damn thing. 

wine is for drinking

cars are for driving

film is for shooting

end of.