52 week photo challenge (1/52)

Myself and fellow photographer Mark Curnow are embarking on a 52 week photo challenge. Each week a different theme is set and we have to post our results by the following Sunday.
This week’s theme is: Using the Rule of Thirds tell a story with a photograph.

Well my story is I went Helston to get my car MOT’d, I turned up to a grumpy looking mechanic asking me why I was so bloody late!  Turns out they had me on the calender for 11am when I had booked for 1pm. Anyway, they could still do my MOT but not till later on in the afternoon, so with a few hours to kill I thought I’d take my camera around Helston, a town full of history and heritage, for some inspiration for this week’s challenge. First of all Wetherspoons for a fuel stop……………… and that’s as far as I got, two hours just sitting on my ass drinking coffee ☕



Part of me feels hellish guilty for opening a box of Polaroid Viva film knowing full well that they don’t make this stuff anymore, but another part of me feels like film is for shooting!

It feels like owning a bottle of fine aged wine and never drinking it or buying a rare sports car and never driving the damn thing. 

wine is for drinking

cars are for driving

film is for shooting

end of.