Polaroid Lesson No.2

Lesson No.1 for me was to give the old Polaroid enough light to expose the image or you won’t get much of one, now moving on to lesson No.2 I have found that even though they call it a Polaroid ‘Sun’ camera don’t point it at the sun and expect it to expose your image properly, the dynamic range isn’t that great…



I scanned this little chap using the new Google Photo Scanning app which was released yesterday, and I must say even though this looks like an epic fail it is actually a great representation of the original image.

Time will tell if it gains any traction or if google decide to bin it.



Polaroid Sun 660

I’m a sucker when it comes to picking up old camera gear, when this Sun 660 turned up I just couldn’t refuse especially as it only set me back £4, the film however comes in at a whopping £17 for 8 shots!  Not a camera that I’m going to use every day but there is something magical about them, something that should be on every photographers bucket list.