Whilst driving through Hayle the other day I stopped off at the Harbour to see the most beautifully still waters, so rather than focusing on the land I thought I’d focus on the water.

With the water so still you can hardly tell which photo was taken upside down.col400

Like Night and Day….

Like a mirror…col399

All photos were taken with an Olympus Pen EE Half Frame Camera using FijiFilm X-Tra 400 35mm Filmcol398col


Plymouth Hoe

My Vintage take of the Hoe, taken using an Olympus Pen EE, a beatifically simple camera with the added benefit of being able to take 72  exposures.

Plymouth Hoe

Film: Kodak Tri-X

Development: Kodak HC-110 1:31 3.45mins

The shooter

A candid shot of a good old friend of mine. I enjoy taking photos of people, people rather than persons.  To have them in the shot but not to know who they are, more like objects.  Try and tag this Facebook!


Camera:  Olympus Pen EE

Film:  Agfa Vista 400

Development: Cross-processed in Paranol S 1:20 7mins