Who are you?

I’m Mr B, a Cornish Photographer with a passion for Film and Alternative Process. Cornish born and bred, I like to take my camera to our beaches, moors and woodland to capture the County that I have been blessed to be born in.

Why shoot film?

I like the look of a film capture, the grain, the tones, even in colour film has a different look about it.

But surely you can post-process a digital image to look like film, hell you can even do it in camera, why go through all the faff?

Those who view and enjoy looking at photographs probably couldn’t care less about the process used to create the image but as a photographer it’s more than just the finished result, it’s the path taken to get there.  With film I feel much more involved in the process, from clicking the shutter to developing the film and then printing the final image, it’s much more hands on. I currently have a analog/digital workflow where by I shoot and develop film then scan digitally so make minor corrections before printing. A Darkroom is on my wishlist!

Fair enough, but you do shoot digital as well, yea?

Sure do, I like to use digital creatively.  ICM [Intentional Camera Movement] is the current technique I’m trying to master also Long Expose is a firm favourite.

I like your stuff, can I buy some of your prints?

No problem, check out my etsy page or contact us using the form below.